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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a natural, effective and non-invasive procedure used to promote the body's innate healing ability. It involves the insertion of single-use sterile hair-thin needles into specific points on the body to create a therapeutic effect. 

Doctors of Acupuncture use the system of Chinese medicine to diagnose and address each patient's health concerns.

Learn more about acupuncture here.

What does acupuncture feel like?

Acupuncture is a generally pain-free experience. Acupuncture needles are about 10x thinner than any medical needles people are used to seeing. With a skilled practitioner, acupuncture needle insertion should be generally painless. Common sensations following the insertion of an acupuncture needle include a dull achey sensation, a heavy sensation, a warm, tingly sensation, an electric sensation, or muscle twitches. These can occur immediately after insertion or not until later in the treatment. These sensations are normal and expected and are a result of the Qi being activated within your body.
If you ever feel a sharp or stabbing pain after the insertion of an acupuncture needle, please communicate that with your acupuncturist so she can adjust or remove the needle.
Most patients report feeling very relaxed and calm during an acupuncture session.

How many acupuncture treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments you need will vary based on your health concerns, your body constitution, your symptom presentation, and your goals. SovereignQi offers different memberships for the purpose of providing the appropriate treatment strategy to each patient.
On average, noticeable results begin to appear for acute conditions after 1-3 treatments. For more chronic conditions, it may take up to 6-12 treatments for noticeable results. Do not be discouraged if you do not see or feel results right away! Each acupuncture treatment builds on each other and creates a compounding effect. Over time, you will be restored to homeostasis.
A general rule of thumb is to allow x amount of months of treatment for x amount of years of illness. For example, if you have experienced an illness for 3 years, expect about 3 months of consistent treatment to see results.

Who can practice acupuncture?

In the state of California, acupuncturists who maintain a valid license issued by the Acupuncture Board are legally allowed to practice acupuncture. Board certified acupuncturists must have graduated from a Board-approved college with a Master's degree or higher in Chinese Medicine, and must have completed at least 2,050 hours of didactic and laboratory training and at least 950 hours of supervised clinical instruction. Physicians, dentists, or podiatrists can legally practice acupuncture with significantly less training and experience, requiring only 200-300 hours.

What is Kambo?

Kambo is the waxy secretion from the giant green monkey frog of the Amazon Rainforest. It is applied to a person via the burning of gates on the skin, where it enters the lymphatic system and creates a purgative effect. Traditionally it is used by indigenous tribes to combat disease and infections, improve fertility, increase strength, sharpen the senses, and remove bad energy. It is now recognized to be beneficial for many modern ailments due to its beneficial bioactive peptides, and there are currently 70 patents out on the secretion. Kambo is safe and legal. There are some conditions that are contraindicated for Kambo. Learn more here

How many Kambo sessions will I need?

The amount of sessions that will benefit you will vary based on your condition and goals. It is recommended to receive 3 Kambo sessions within one moon-cycle to receive the most benefit. For acute conditions, 1-3 sessions may be enough. More chronic conditions may require up to 10 sessions. Sessions may be close together or more spaced out depending on your specific needs. It is recommended to receive no more than 12 Kambo sessions per year.

Does SovereignQi accept health insurance?

Due to the detailed and personalized nature of your wellness visits, SovereignQi does not accept health insurance as this would limit the amount of time and services Dr. Cat is able to provide.
We are working on accepting HSA, FSA, and CareCredit. We may also be able to provide superbills for you. We do not promise or guarantee any health insurance reimbursements.

What are your hours of operation?

SovereignQi Acupuncture is open:

Monday 9a -12p

Tuesday 9a - 6p

Wednesday 3p - 6p

Thursday 9a - 6p

Friday 9a - 6p

Dr. Cat is available by appointment only, no walk-ins. Please click on the booking calendar to see when her next available appointment is.

Dr. Cat offers her acupuncture services at the Hillcrest Community Acupuncture Clinic on Mondays 2p-6p and Wednesdays 10a-1p. Community acupuncture is an affordable option for receiving acupuncture. Click here for more information on the Hillcrest clinic.

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